Gift of Growth

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Gift of Growth


“The gift economy represents a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance and isolation to community.”

- Charles Eisenstein


November 2021 marks the start of our fundraising campaign. Our goal is to fully fund a cohort of citywide students. Find out more about how you can participate below!

In order to  continue our programming, we have called on our community to participate in a gift economy. By sharing wealth, knowledge and skills, Farm School grows stronger we are able to sustain programming and plant seeds of positive change across New York in the form of food justice leaders.

We hope to raise $2,000 in this month long event. Please spread the word, share your stories about Farm School NYC’s impact on your life, and if you can donate to help us reach this goal! All month Farm School NYC will be fundraising and helping inspire growth around our communities as well.

$50 - Provides one hour of a veteran gardeners time to share their skill sets.
$100 - Provides seed starting mix, seedlings, and other supplies for the seed starting class.
$150 - Provides cordless drills for raised beds, and lumber supplies in our carpentry class.

Updates on the fundraising will be posted here and updated weekly!

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