Maggie Cheney

Maggie Cheney
Crop Planning Instructor

Maggie has taught Farm School NYC's Advanced Crop Planning course for many years and used to teach Irrigation as well.

Maggie grew up growing food, loving food, and wanting to share her passion and knowledge with others. She is the daughter of Ward Cheney, a farmer and founder of The Food Project, in Boston, Massachusetts.

She previously lived on the west coast  and worked  in school gardening as well as taught at University of California Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) for two years. She has worked on numerous farms across the United States, Mexico, and South America, and co-managed Four Winds Farm, a "no-till" organic farm in the Hudson Valley rooted in environmental stewardship, animal care, and intensive food production.

Maggie was the former Director of Farms & Education for EcoStation:NY, a Bushwick-based nonprofit organization dedicated to food, social, and environmental justice, where she worked for almost four years. At the Bushwick Campus, Maggie worked closely with teachers and students during school hours, as well as coordinated a six-month Community Apprenticeship Program for aspiring urban farmers (adults), an after school "Food Justice Team" (youth).

Maggie was excited to farm part-time at the Snug Harbor Heritage Farm on Staten Island, giving her a taste of the larger scale again. After a total of nine full-time growing seasons under her belt, Maggie finally scaled up as Vegetable Manager for Sol Flower Farm with 11 acres in veggies. She sourced food to a 50 person CSA, 30 restaurants in the Hudson Valley, and the local food pantry and youth program.

Maggie is currently a founder and co-owner of Rock Steady Farm, a women and queer-owned cooperative farm, rooted in social justice, growing speciality cut flowers and sustainable vegetables in Millerton, NY.