Claudia Navas

Project Manager

Claudia has a background in community education, outreach, and program management, most recently with Citizens Committee for New York City and previously with the NYC Compost Project, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Refugee Women's Alliance in Seattle. She has a combined eight years of farming experience in Pennsylvania, Long Island, and Brooklyn: from a 20+ acre orchard and organic vegetable farm to an 85-acre poultry farm, and several small-scale urban farms and gardens. She’s also an EarthCorps alum—serving a year restoring damaged ecosystems in western Washington state.  

She has a Masters in Food Studies from NYU, a certificate in Community Development from the University of Washington, and a B.A. from Florida State. Claudia has served as Events Chair for the NYU Food and Racial Equity (FARE) Collective for graduate students of color, organized DC37 Local 374 union members, participated in Casitas Wisdom, and coordinated volunteers for Los Colibries community garden in Sunset Park. She is currently contributing to Deep Routes: an Afro-Indigenous Culinary Curriculum that aims to highlight Black and Indigenous peoples' foodways.

Claudia loves growing and preserving food and learning about the medicinal and spiritual qualities of roots, leaves, fruit, and flowers. She is a committed composter and lovingly maintains an indoor worm bin. She believes growing food is power and experiences most joy with her hands in the soil. Her hope is to be in healing community with those that call for social and environmental justice and an end to racial and patriarchal oppression and violence. She calls Florida and Nicaragua home but has lived in New York since 2013.